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Stall Board



A designated stall for your horse plus turnout time.  Owner is welcome to choose either in at night and out during the day, or the other way around, and is able to change between night and day at any point

Feeding in the stall as many times a day as your horse requires (owner provides grain, supplements, and medication)

Twice daily stall cleaning and water bucket refreshing

Blanketing as necessary

Hay (provided by Flat Rock) as necessary

Holding for the vet and/or farrier as needed

Fly spraying as needed (owner provides fly spray)

Stall fan for your horse in warm weather

Full access to all Flat Rock amenities

Small turnout groups of 1-4 depending on your horse's individual needs

Regular grooming and hoof picking.

Should your horse need care that is not listed above, please ask.  It is possible that we already provide the desired service with this package!  We are always open to input!

Stall Board: Products
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