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Layup Care


Our many years of experience with horses in high intensity industries allows us to offer layup care for your horse.  We provide 100% of the care your horse requires with this option, whether that be wound care, cold hosing, wrapping, after surgery care, hand walking, supervised turnout, full stall rest, or any other combination that you could possibly think of.  The owner is responsible for the grain, supplements, medications, medical supplies, fly spray, and we provide the rest.  We happily accept horses from all walks of life and have specific experience with horses straight off the track (and horses stepping away from the track for a short time to re-focus).  You are not required to keep your horse at Flat Rock for any specific amount of time and if at any time your horse has healed enough to move to a different level of board, you are welcome to move between the levels with no penalty.  We get it, horses are expensive to keep...we don't want you to have to pay more than you need to.

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